Medical software development

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radiologickaCompany SoftMedical provides professional services in design and development of medical software, mainly therapeutic and diagnostic systems using technology of three-dimensional  image data reconstruction of patients.
The high quality of provided services guarantee the participation of experts with long-time experience with the development of medical software as well as experts in the field of medical physics and human biophysics .

Development of the company caused even   growing need for enhanced and always current web presentation and the company in the first quarter of 2011, responded at this fact by establishing departments for Internet advertising and promotion. Our experts will also be glad to help you with the presentation of your company on the Internet.
Part of the offered services also includes:

  • Analysis and proposal of most optimal solution for your company
  • Above standard optimization of web pages for searching engines
  • Help with aimed advertising articles writting
  • Statistical analysis of  proposed solution  efficiency after solution employment to a live operation

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Areas of application

  • External radiotherapy
  • Brachytherapy
  • Stereotactic neurosurgery
  • Stereotactic radioneurosurgery
  • Assistance robotics

Detailed knowledge of the basic imaging techniques used in medical imaging is a prerequisite of any complex software tool working with image data of patients in the filmless environment.

Support of filmless technology based on the standard for distribution, processing, and printing medical image data - DICOM is obvious. Mentioned standard is implemented primarily in diagnostic and therapeutic systems. In systems for management, archiving and data transfer is this standard  combined with an standard  for interchange of medical information - HL7.  In the case of data in a format other than DICOM we provide their transformation into DICOM-compatible format.

Image processing

In the field of image processing we have extensive experience with:

  • Image fusion, registration and corelation
  • Three-dimensional volume reconstruction
  • Image segmentation

Regarding, that usually applications working with the large volume of data, we focus mainly on the optimal use of system resources and speed of work with such data.


For systems operating with a stereotactic system we provide a transformation of the image data of the patient in the stereotactic coordinate system with the support of the most common location devices. Thus, the processed data can then be used for planning stereotactic radiosurgery or mikroneurosurgery therapy or for planning of stimulating of deep brain structures.

Radiotherapy and brachytherapy

Participation in many international projects, our staff took extensive experience in development of planning systems for external radiotherapy and brachytherapy. Not only theoretical but also practical experience gained directly in the workplace of radiation therapy, allowing a better understanding of the treatment planning process, which also led to improvement of the development process and finally to greater  planning systems users satisfaction.