Development of customized internet and intranet applications

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internetInternet is no longer only a place for fun, but is increasingly becoming mostly working environment. Our company has extensive experience in deploying web content management solutions (CMS), systems for customer relationship management (CRM), or systems for sharing content and documents (DMS).

Development of the company caused even   growing need for enhanced and always current web presentation and the company in the first quarter of 2011, responded at this fact by establishing departments for Internet advertising and promotion. Our experts will also be glad to help you with the presentation of your company on the Internet.
Part of the offered services also includes:

  • Analysis and proposal of most optimal solution for your company
  • Above standard optimization of web pages for searching engines
  • Help with aimed advertising articles writting
  • Statistical analysis of  proposed solution  efficiency after solution employment to a live operation

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If you are a company that have not yet implemented any of the solutions for the management, administration and optimization in-house processes, documents, and human resources and want to consolidate yours position in the highly competitive environment, certainly do not miss the possibility of elaborating a non-binding primary analysis and design of the final model of information system for your company.

Why use our offer and what services we can provide to you?

In modern companies the administration and management of documents, information and human resources is complex issue where the individual components tend to be very closely related and partial solutions do not usually result in an expected outcome, what results  in overpriced product poorly covering business model of a company.

If you are interested we are able to deliver a solution tailored directly to increased efficiency and automation of data management, human resources and business processes. In the long term it will reduce costs and increase the space for the development of key activities of the company.

Internet and intranet.

The proposed solutions can be run on internal company network infrastructure (intranet) that can be geographically located anywhere in the world, which does not restrict access to shared information. If  required, part of the information can be published to the public network infrastructure (internet). This approach significantly optimizes the work with the system as there is no necessary individually install working software on each workstation in the company. Any browser, which is usually the integral part of every personal computer installation,  is sufficient for work. It will also reduce the cost of managing hardware devices.

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